Lab Members and Collaborators

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Dr. emma h. geller, principal investigator

Originally from Massachusetts, Dr. Geller earned her B.A. in psychology from the George Washington University in 2010, and her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from UCLA in 2016. Since then she has been an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Psychology department at UC San Diego. Her research interests can be broadly described as the science of learning and instruction. Her work involves applying findings from cognitive psychology to improve teaching and learning (especially in math and science topics). She is particularly interested in the use of multimedia technologies to support and improve student learning, both in face-to-face classes and online.

Research Assistants

  • Christophe Delay
  • Justine Wang
  • Sophia Kostas
  • Marcella Hughes
  • Lauren Yoo
  • Fangzheng Zhao

Lab AlumnI

  • Janelle Eberhard (Psychology Honors Thesis, 2018)
  • Kion Fukuda (Psychology Honors Thesis, 2018)